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Bureau of Business and Investment Law
**Sudan’s Constitutional Experiment: The Effect of Islamization on Democracy and Territorial Integrity (under publication as a chapter of a book on African Constitutional Experiments, to be published by the United States Institute of Peace, with Francis Deng as editor).

**The Sudan Legal System and Problems of Law Reform, Originally presented on the 25th anniversary of  the national loss of Mohamed Ahmed Mahjoub

**Islam and the Challenges of Modernity, Georgetown University's Journal of International Affairs, Winter/Spring, 2004, pp. 97-104

**A Choice between Co-existence in One Country and Friendly Neighborhood
Presented to the Fourth Consultation Session Held at Ashburn Place, Battle, East Sussex by the African Renaissance Institute / The Relationships Foundation International - The Sudan Peace Programme

**Sudan’s Civil War: The Peace Process Before and Since Machakos; Africa Institute of South Africa, 2004 (jointly with Francis Deng).

**Legal Systems of Present-day Muslim Countries: Exegetical Methodology and the Challenges of Modernity, an unpublished paper presented to a roundtable on “The Role of Law in the Development of Afghanistan”, convened by the International Law Development Organization, Rome, 16-17 December, 2002 (unpublished paper).

**Conflict Resolution in Africa, in Oxford University’s Journal of African Economies, Volume 9, Number 3 (2000), pp.295-322 

**Islamization of the Sudan Legal System, a paper presented at a 1999 New Haven, Connecticut Conference jointly sponsored by Yale University and the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University and published in

**Religion and Conflict in the Sudan, ed. Yusuf Fadl Hassan and Richard Gray, The Paulines Publications Africa, Nairobi, Kenya (2002).

**OECD's Multilateral Draft Agreement on Investment, published by the UN Economic Commission for Africa (1998)

**Treatment of Foreign Investment in Bilateral Investment Treaties, Foreign Investment Law Journal ICSID, the World Bank (1992); translated into Japanese and published in the Journal of the Institute of Developing Economies, Tokyo (1995)

**Legal Education in Africa, Ahmadu Bello University’s Annual Lectures (1976)

**Sudan's Democratic Experiment: Present Crisis and Future Prospects, Northeast African Studies, Vol 1, Nos. 2-3 (1994), African Studies Center, Michigan State University

**Wali al-Mazalim or the Muslim Ombudsman, Ahmadu Bello University Journal of Law and Society, Zaria, Nigeria (1976)

**Criminal Law Reform in Nigeria, Ahmadu Bello University Journal of Law and Society, Zaria Nigeria (1975)

**The Legal System of the Sudan, The International and Comparative Law Quarterly
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